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About Us

This blog was originally about a man documenting his journey into the world of Capoeira but it did not quite work out. Now the blog is a companion to a new Capoeira site. ( Click the blue writing to view the site) . There are a lot of great blogs here on wordpress and we can not wait to get this blog running again and hopefully, getting to know you guys. My name is Rita and im from Glasgow in the UK. I have been passionate about Capoeira for over 20 years now. When i was growing up, Capoeira, was not accessible to me. I have done a lot of research and searching online for the main website and it makes me so happy seeing so many people doing there part in spreading the word of Capoeira. My passion actually started by stumbling on a movie called “Only The Strong”. I dont know why but my passion started that day and has never left me. I love the moves, the music, the history of it being started by African slaves. I believe, we can all work together to keep making it grow. On the main site, i have started a page trying to list every single place that teaches Capoeira. Stuff like that is my own small way of contributing. It will take me a long time to list that i know. I just wish i could have started earlier. Anyway, check out our main site and let me know of any Capoeira schools, Mestres or groups are not on there that you know of. I will add them into my folders and add them as soon as i get time. If you have any questions about anything at all then please, contact us anytime xxxx


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